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Please visit the individual pages on this site for specific winery address and directions. Click below on the "trail map" link to view and download a pdf map of the wine trail. Tired of GPS and on-line mapping? Visit our wineries' individual pages for low-tech directions from winery-to-winery.

How to visit a winery along the Berks County Wine Trail?

Here are some handy tips on wine tasting and tasting room ettiquette to make your visit to the wineries along the Berks County Wine Trail a most memorable visit!


Choosing a wine. Ask yourself what kind of food do I eat? Select wines that match well with foods you enjoy. Those foods you enjoy will taste even better with the right wine!


Tasting Room Etiquette. Please conduct yourself in a way that is respectful of the rules of the house and the rights of others to enjoy their wine tasting experience. Also bear in mind each winery has its own tasting policies including the number of tastings and tasting fees. We suggest you visit each winery’s web site you plan to visit for details.


Samples. You will be poured small samples of wines of your choosing. Make use of dump buckets, and if you plan on swallowing your samples, plan on having a designated driver.


Buses, Limousines and Group Visits. We want your group to have the best experience at any one of the Berks County Wine Trail wineries. Larger groups require extra staffing. It is required that groups of six or more make reservations a minimum of 48 hours in advance. Some wineries may not be able to accommodate large groups. We suggest you visit each winery’s web site your group plans to visit for details.




It's the Law. Each Berks County Wine Trail member reserves the right not to serve visibly intoxicated or otherwise unfit persons. Although our member wineries pour controlled amounts of their wines for tasting, sampling a variety of wines at member tasting rooms, if visited in close succession, can result in the unwitting consumption of a significant amount of alcohol. Therefore, if you intend to visit more than one winery in a single day, we recommend that you employ a designated driver or limit your total wine consumption accordingly. For the safety of everyone, always consume responsibly.


Children in the Tasting Rooms. Tasting Rooms are often located on working farms, active processing facilities, and busy parking lots. If you do choose to bring a child, they must be accompanied by an adult at all times.


Stay Overnight. To get the maximum wine tasting experience, consider staying overnight. Berks County offers major tourist attractions, great restaurants and charming Bed and Breakfasts to stay in.


Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and lose yourself in a day or two of tasting a wide variety of wines and getting a glimpse of the science and art of grape-growing and winemaking. We've got something for everyone in beautiful Berks!

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Dear Visitors,

The Berks County Wine Trail wineries invite you to come and visit our wineries and taste our wines. You’ll discover and enjoy great wines that come from the fertile farmlands of Berks County. There is a wine for every palate, from European style dry reds to sweet fruit wines. Each winery has its own special character. Whether you are a seasoned lover of the Berks County annual Chocolate and Wine Weekend, a devoted customer or new to the wine trail, there is always a new vintage to enjoy.