Artisan Cheese & Wine Pairing Event Weekend

Inventive pairings of local cheeses with locally produced wines!

Join the wineries of the Berks County Wine Trail Saturday October 4th & Sunday October 5th

Artisan Cheese & Wine Pairing Event weekend on the Berks County Wine Trail is a fantastic opportunity to experience and enjoy an array of different cheeses and wines. Details about our 2014 event to be posted later this year.

Ticketholders will get to enjoy samples of a different type of cheese at each winery, paired with a fantastic wine! Enjoy discovering which style of cheese pairs best with which wines.

Tickets are valid at all 8 wineries during the event weekend. This wine trail event event is “self-guided;" create your own adventure as a day-trip visiting each of the wineries along the Berks County Wine Trail.
Proceeds from the event help pay for the wine trail's annual expenses (website, maps, brochures).

The following wineries paired fabulous cheeses with their wines during our 2013 event. Here's a look back at the complete menu of wines & cheeses featured including varieties of Subarashii Kudamono Gourmet Asian Pears at each winery:

  • Bashore & Stoudt Country Winery (Shartlesville) - 'smokey' menu of cheeses from Tamaqua's Carmen's Smoked Cheeses to be paired with a classic Concord red wine along with other select wines. Traditional variety of Subarashii Kudamono Asian Pear, Hosui, will be featured at this winery - very sweet!
  • Blair Vineyards (Kutztown) - will be featuring a variety of Doe Run cheeses including: Seven Sisters semi-soft cow's milk cheese with their 2009 Pinot Noir; their classic 2010 Pinot Gris paired with their Hummingbird (mold-ripened, pasteurized ewe's and cow's milk cheese - soft cheese). Doe Run Dairy of Coatesville are makers of artisnal cheese crafted from goat and cow's milk and specialize in aged cheeses developed in stone aging caves. Seven Sisters cheese in particular develops a characteristic caramel group of flavors. The aged more savory and piquant that the younger cheese but both packed with the umani of their pasture. Subarashii Kudamono traditional variety, Niitaka, Asian Pear will be featured - hint of nut-like flavor!
  • Calvaresi Winery (Bernville) - will be featuring cheeses from Esh's Cheese of Lancaster. Esh's provolone cheese paired with Calvaresi's award winning Riesling; and Esh's smoked Gouda will be paired with a second featured Calvaresi wine, Noiret, made from the new grape variety of the same name. Esh Cheese is a 40 year old family run business that features unique Pennsylvania Dutch cheeses as well as other foods. One of Subarashii's upcoming un-named varieties of pears, the yellow variety "947" with a delicate citrus flavor.
  • Clover Hill Winery (Robesonia) - will be featuring two unique cheeses from Micheal Heagy's Dutch Deli paired with two of their wines: Vignoles white wine paired with an english style cheese blended with dried cranberries and their Pinot Noir will be paired with an aged cheddar. Dutch Deli, located in Reading is known for their boutique cheeses. Exclusive variety of Subarashii Asian Pear, EliSan, will be featured-sweet & juicy!
  • Kog Hill Winery (Morgantown) - will be featuring their signature Blue Merlot with Conebella Farms Smoked Cheddar. Conebella, based in Elverson, specializes in creamy, buttery cow's milk cheese crafted from their very own Ayrshire cows. Also featured will be Kog Hill White, a blend of Chardonnay and Seyval grapes paired with Conebella's Bay Cheddar. It's an Asian Pear debut at this winery: a new variety of Subarashii Kudamono Asian Pear, un-named, and incredibly juicy and crisp and sweet: "A-7."
  • Long Trout Winery (Auburn) - Long Trout Winery (Auburn) welcomes back Dove Song Dairy (Bernville), small family owned dairy farm, during this event weekend. Visitors will enjoy sampling Horseradish Goat cheese with Long Trout's, Sour Cherriola, a red wine made from sour cherries; and a lovely, plain Goat Feta cheese paired with a Muscat/Orange wine, "The Girls." Enjoy both with the "Yoinashi" variety Subarashii Kudamono Asian Pear - hint of a butterscoth flavor.
  • Manatawny Creek Winery (Douglassville) - will be serving up wine & cheese pairings with September Farms' Extra-Sharp Cheddar topped with two different types of tapenade paired with Manatawny Creek Merlot; plus a port wine spread made with the extra-sharp cheddar paired with the winery's own Port. September Farms, based in Honey Brook, makes its fine aged and waxed cheese from its herd of Holstein cows. Sneak peek: upcoming exclusive variety of Subarashii Asian Pear,"442," sweet and floral and soon to be named.
  • Pinnacle Ridge Winery (Kutztown) keeps it in Kutztown during this event by featuring their 2012 Dry Reisling with Kirchenberg Farms Chevre. They will also be pairing a choice of their 2011 Chambourcin (dry red) or their slightly sweet, 2012 Quaff (blend of Pinot Noir, Chambourcin and Syrah) with Kirchenberg Farms' Garlic and Basil Chevre. Kirchenberg is a nearby Mennonite family-owned farm that raises grass fed goats. Also featured will be Subarashii Kudamono's exclusive variety, JunoSan Asian Pear - crisp and apple-like.