Artisan Cheese & Wine Pairing Event Weekend

Inventive pairings of local cheeses with locally produced wines!

Join the wineries of the Berks County Wine Trail in October 2015:

Artisan Cheese & Wine Pairing Event weekend on the Berks County Wine Trail is a fantastic opportunity to experience and enjoy an array of different cheeses and wines. Event takes place during one glorious weekend during October 2015. Spend a Autumn weekend visiting 8 different wineries and tasting nearly 20 different cheeses paired with many different featured wines of the Berks County region of Eastern Pennsylvania. Event bonus: each winery will feature samples of a different variety of fresh gourmet Asian Pear from Subarashii Kudamono.

Ticketholders will get to enjoy samples of a different type of cheese at each winery, paired with fantastic wines and fresh Asian Pear! Enjoy discovering which style of cheese pairs best with which wines. Tickets will be available to purchase by Labor Day 2015. Purchase your tickets at any of the 8 Berks County Wine Trail Wineries or purchase online at Local Wine Events. Earlybird ticketing $12/person. Tickets the day of the event: $18/person. Note: ticketing service fees apply for online purchasing.

Tickets are valid at all 8 wineries during the event weekend (either day). This wine trail event is “self-guided;" create your own adventure as a day-trip during this Autumn weekend, visiting each of the wineries along the Berks County Wine Trail. Ticket proceeds from the event help pay for the wine trail's annual expenses (website, maps, brochures).

By Labor Day, a complete menu of wines & cheeses, including varieties of Subarashii Kudamono Gourmet Asian Pears, to be featured at each winery during this adventuresome wine weekend will be posted. In the meantime, here's a look back at our inventive combinations of wine, cheese and pears from our 2014 cheese weekend:


  • Manatawny Creek Winery (Douglassville)will be featuring Milkhouse Thistle cheese (brie) paired with their Chardonnay and a roasted garlic & pepper cheese spread made with cheddar from September Farms of Honeybrook ( paired with their Syrah Red Wine. Asian Pear variety featured will be one of Subarashii new, yet to be named varieties, #442.

  • Blair Vineyards (Kutztown) welcomes ticketholders to enjoy Lambsquarters, a creamy fresh cheese similar to a chevre; made with sheep's milk it has a bright citrusy note. Lambsquarters will be served on a cracker with homemade wine jelly and paired with Blair Vineyards' 2013 Sauvignon Blanc. Their second pairing is Foxtail, a rich and tangy feta style cheese made with sheeps milk, aged in brine for 2 to 4 weeks, served with Blair Vineyards' 2009 Pinot Noir. Cheese are crafted by Valley Milkhouse ( in Oley, PA. Asian Pear variety to be sampled here is another soon-to-be named, yellow variety, #947.

  • Calvaresi Winery (Bernville) will be pairing their 2013 Riesling White Wine with a unique Sharp Provolone, and their two-time gold medal winning Baco Noir Red Wine with a classic Gouda. Both cheeses are from the ever-popular Esh's Cheese of Lancaster ( Signature pear variety from Subarashii will be sampled: JunoSan.

  • Clover Hill Winery (Robesonia) will be featuring two clever cheese pairings: Cayuga White white paired with a Mango Ginger Stilton cheese and their Fall-themed, Spiced Apple Wine paired with Colliers' Cheddar. Cheeses will also be available for purchase at this stop. Please note, this event only takes place at Clover Hill's Robesonia location. First of the harvest, the Asaju variety Asian Pear will be sampled at this winery.

  • Bashore & Stoudt Country Winery (Shartlesville) will be featuring a traditional Amish cheese Weisse Kaisse, which is a Colby style cheese from Franklin Twp paired with Concord Red Wine and an Oakshade Medium Aged Cheddar from Coreysville, PA paired with their classic Shiro Plum Wine. Both cheeses are sourced through Town Clock Cheese Shop of Gap, PA. Good things happen in threes: a third new variety of Asian Pear will be featured here: #679.

  • Kog Hill Winery (Morgantown) is partnering with The Town Clock Cheese Shop of Gap, PA to feature various Lancaster County Cheddar Cheeses with Kog Hill Red and Kog Hill Sauvignon Blanc White Wine.

  • Long Trout Winery (Auburn) - felt like being 'extra cheese' for this event by creating two unique cheese dishes in lieu of serving up cheese samples. Check out Kim's Pepperjack Cheese Corn Chowder with Bacon and Kim's Smoked Gouda with Carmelized Onion Quesadilla (vegetarian). Each will be paired with two select wines of the day! EliSan variety Asian Pear will be featured, the orchard's newest release.

  • Pinnacle Ridge Winery (Kutztown) looks forward to pairing some fabulous, Amish goat cheeses from Kirchenberg Farms of Kutztown with its wines. Soft, plain fresh goat cheese with a choice of the winery's dry rose wine "Oasis" or its Reisling white wine will be the first pairing; a garlic basil soft goat cheese will be paired with a choice of the winery's Syrah red wine or its softer red wine blend, "Quaff." NOTE: No buses are permitted on Saturdays at this winery. Hosui variety Asian Pear will be 'peared' at this winery.

    Designated Drivers
    - please announce yourself to the person at each winery who marks off the event tickets; you'll be stamped and then presented with a plate of cheese, crackers and Asian Pears.