Berks County Wine Trail

A group of wineries peppering the rural landscape of greater Berks County in Southeastern Pennsylvania formed a “wine trail” in 2005 with the idea that collaboratively held wine events hosted by such an unique array of winemakers – each with their distinct philosophies regarding winemaking – would be delcious outreach to Pennsylvanians in the region. Since then, the success of this jovial collaboration has extended well beyond Southeastern Pennsylvania – visitors from all over Pennsylvania as well as surrounding States are discovering the Berks County Wine Trail as evidenced by the many out-of area wine tourists who visit Pennsylvania’s burgeoning wine country annually. Additionally, the original group of wineries has grown to include nine wineries in total…adding two new wineries to further the experience of wine in Berks County, PA for all.

Great wine is produced in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Because such unique wine is crafted here and you’ll never find a wine trail covering such a diverse spectrum of wines and winemaking as you’ll discover here.